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RobDemersArt's News

Posted by RobDemersArt - August 14th, 2023


I'm going to have an Artist Alley table at Fan Expo Canada on August 24th - 27th! It's my first ever Artist Alley table and I am hyped! Fan Expo Canada is the biggest Canadian comic book convention, so I'm starting big! Come visit me at booth # A353 and help me start my first of many cons right!


Posted by RobDemersArt - January 29th, 2023


Today's my birthday! Everybody celebrate! Just kidding, 34 isn't exactly a milestone. Though if you would like to get me a birthday gift, you could always order something from RobDemersArt.com or even share my shop on your socials. Either would be very much appreciated! Now I'm going to dig into some ice cream cake.


Posted by RobDemersArt - January 1st, 2023


Was 2022 as big of dumpster fire for you as it was for me? Personally at least. I did create a lot of great art and expanded my shop this year. I'm quite proud of a lot of the designs I created and there's plenty more coming! I have several stickers for my January 5th update that are some of my favorite ones so far. 2023 is looking a little brighter. I even want to try to get my first artist alley booth at a convention, so keep an eye out for updates! I have a lot of stuff I want to finally get finished this coming year, including my comic, hopefully you'll all stick around to check it out with me. Have a happy New Year!


Posted by RobDemersArt - December 27th, 2022


RobDemersArt.com is having a 20% off Boxing Week sale on all items except commissions. Sale only lasts until January 2nd! Get those stickers you've had your eye on now!

Use code: BOXINGWEEK20

The code also works on my Etsy!


Posted by RobDemersArt - December 4th, 2022


Gift tag stickers! Greeting cards! Ornaments! Major new things are in the December 5th shop update!

See it all on http://RobDemersArt.com tomorrow!


Posted by RobDemersArt - September 25th, 2022

Today marks one year since my website launched! I can't believe I've reached this milestone already, it's kind of unreal. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was planning out the site's design with Chiherah. They did a tremendous job building the site and the several updates to expand it, I am so grateful to them.

My little shop has come a long way and now my stickers are all across the world. The top selling locations are North America and the UK, I want to sell my stickers to even farther places like Australia and Japan. Just these past few months I had multiple bulk orders of 50 stickers from small businesses, I was thrilled to know they wanted to give out my designs. The next milestone is to get my designs in a physical store like a boutique or comic book store. I've already started to reach out to some small local shops to get my foot in the door.

Hopefully this second year will bring many new firsts and artistic endeavors for my shop. I have a lot things I want to draw but only so much time to actually draw them! I have a list of saved design ideas longer than my arm! Bumper stickers, note pads, greeting cards, more from my webcomic Choking Hazard, and of course so many new stickers! Specifically for the October 5th shop update, I will have 5 new sticker designs to mark the beginning of the second year along with discounted Mystery Mistake Packs of some the hiccups I've had with printing companies. Each pack will contain one b-grade sticker, one b-grade art print, and one b-grade keychain all for just $5! There will be two versions of the Mystery Mistake Packs, each one will have different stickers and art prints but the same keychains. They're still functional products, just not up to my high standards. One or two (in this case five) mistakes are bound to happen along the way.

I hope you all will join me along the way to a bigger and better store. Without the people who took an interest in my work and purchased something from my shop, it wouldn't have grown so much in this first year. I hope you will continue to support shop and pick up a couple of stickers now and then. Even an order of a single sticker makes me overjoyed! Thank you so much for your purchases, sharing my shop updates to friends and family, or just the kind words in a comment. An especially huge thank you to my family and friends who supported my work along the way. My parents were the biggest supporters of my art, always a kind word to ease my doubts. I just wish my mother could have seen how far I've come. Thanks, mom and dad!

Here's to a record-breaking second year!

All the best,

Rob Demers




Posted by RobDemersArt - July 4th, 2022


SHOP UPDATE TOMORROW! 4 brand new stickers! Any guesses?





Posted by RobDemersArt - September 25th, 2021


HUGE NEWS!!! My new online shop is now live and open for customers! Who wants to be the first one?

Visit my site here: https://robdemersart.com/

I've been waiting for this for such a long time and it's so surreal that it's finally here. What's a grand opening without new shop items? My new shop opens with eight new Halloween themed sticker designs which I call Melty Monster Pops. They are also available on my Storenvy shop as well, I would prefer if you would shop through my own site though. ;P

A big thank you goes to my site designer, Chiherah! They worked so hard to build this wonderful site, please show their own work some love: https://chiherah.com/

Enjoy exploring my new site!


Posted by RobDemersArt - April 15th, 2021


Looks like there's a new art app on the block and it looks interesting, I thought I'd give it a go! Follow me on @artfolapp!


Posted by RobDemersArt - April 6th, 2021




By subscribing to my Patreon, you can see new art before I post it other social media and all kinds art I don't post anywhere. Sketches, in-progress drawings, character designs, and how my webcomic Choking Hazard is progressing!

There's multiple patron tiers with all different kinds of exclusive stuff! The highest tier includes a monthly custom sketch card and a sticker of your choice!

Please consider subscribing to my Patreon and I thank you for your support!